Dangerous Compassions

need energy

Yesterday I got a package I was waiting for.  It took 16 days to get here from China.  I got a pencil pouch, a weird green and gray nylon bag with lots of pockets, some post-it notes that depict the moon, some colorful cards the size of business cards but blank, metal clippie things that depict the Eiffel Tower and are supposed to hold a photo or whatever upright.

It was a good mail day all around.  I also got three letters and some special postcards.

Yesterday I went to a new women’s support group at UMOK.  It was through an interpreter, which slowed things down, but I want to learn Spanish, so it’s great to hear it.  There were hugs, and I want to return.  I friended some new people on facebook.  I really hope it doesn’t fizzle.  They have a lot of ideas: crafts, jewelry, self-defense, reiki, yoga, candle-making!

Today is my friend’s birthday.  She’s going camping by herself.  I kind of wish I could go camping more easily.  Seems like a really big deal.  I need more nature time.

But our minivan is still in the shop.  We will get it this afternoon or Monday.

I’m feeling positive about life.  I have some good plans and ideas.  I just need some energy to implement them.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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