Dangerous Compassions

good medicine

Yesterday our friend came over, this lady I want to be friends with.  I really like her.  I made vegan carrot curry soup and rice, and she brought salad and vegan dressing. 

She told me I have good medicine inside me.  She invited me to a women’s new moon healing ritual. 

I want to go to Mexico.  She told me not to be scared.

Our minivan’s flexplate broke again.  It’s mysterious.  We are outliers.  They are replacing the transmission for free–it’s under warranty–and doing the labor, but we have to pay for the new flexplate.  It’s $400.

Our car insurance was supposed to be canceled but I saved the day, calling this morning early and giving them a new credit card number.  The chip was falling out of my card, so I had to get a new one.

My skin is so dry.  Now my lips cracked.

I found this special pen in a bin of pens and pencils I sorted through yesterday.  I’m trying to sell it on ebay.

Now I remember I tried selling something before, years ago.  It didn’t sell, and it kept relisting.  It was a pita.

Ming makes really good chai.  He’s been making it for me in the mornings.  Something about him.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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