Dangerous Compassions

new friend party

Last night we went to a Halloween party.  It was at the house of this new friend I barely know.  I thought she was good friends with this other friend of ours, but I was wrong.

They have a huge house.  Her husband must have a great job.  I think it’s so weird what gets valued.

There were a lot of kids running around.  There was a watermelon carved to resemble a brain.  There was pumpkin soup that was delicious, but then I realized I forgot to ask if it was made with meat broth.  There were chocolate chip cookies.  Nice punch called Dragon’s Blood.

I met this lady whose husband got hit by a car a few days ago.  He almost died.  His brain got harmed and he broke lots of bones.  He was in ICU.  She talked about it for a long time.  I felt a lot of compassion for her yet kind of wanted to get up and leave.  You know me and medical stuff.

Then other people started telling their hit by a car stories.  Someone ran like a deer.  Someone had a seizure and got a ticket for jaywalking.  Ming led me away.

Indoors, music was playing.  There was a song that must be called “I’m a Gummie Bear.”  Those were the words of the whole song, over and over.  It confused me.  Then I realized it was kids’ music.

There was a pretty pale green and yellow ukulele on the floor.  I wanted to tune and play it, but my nails are very long, like talons.

Overall I did great at this party.  I got to meet my new friend’s parents, which is always insightful, and see a broken slide rule.  I had never seen a slide rule before.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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