Dangerous Compassions


This morning I wrote two letters, both in reply to mail that arrived yesterday. 

One was to a prisoner in Carson City.  He was given a bad fake knee and wants to sue for a new knee.  I can’t find him a lawyer so far.

The other was to a friend I’ve known since 1999 or so.  She lives in LA and we have a good heart connection.

My tummy has hurt since last night which worries me a little because I didn’t eat anything challenging.  Soyrizo, raw garlic, and raw onions are the usual suspects.  Sometimes pizza also.  Underripe bananas.

I want to go to a Halloween party tomorrow night but don’t have a costume.  But my friend whose party it is, she’s helping me.  Maybe leopard ears would be enough.  She has a Star Trek shirt for Ming.

Ming is out serving the hungry.  Can’t decide whether to make breakfast or go back to bed.  I’m afraid of eating the wrong thing and making my stomach worse.


I’d kind of like some baby oatmeal.  But you know me.  I put weird toppings on my oatmeal.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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