Dangerous Compassions

ikea adventure, jackhammering, pigeon work

Yesterday we survived ikea.  Went for 75 cent vegan hotdogs but got predictably sucked into looking around.  A shower curtain, a cute towel, four pink washcloths, a paring knife.  They had some very nice unlined hardbacked journals but too expensive at $6.

Verdict: the vegan hotdogs are great.  I like the mustard.  Would go back for the vegan hotdogs alone.

News around here is we have no water.  Since the middle of the night our water has been turned off.  And there’s jackhammering and other work down the street.  So I wonder what happened.  I will go to costco with M for a big Catholic Worker shop in a little while.

M swept and mopped under my desk.  It was filthy with dust, crumbs, a dropped potato chip.  He is awesome.

I’m ready for Christmas cards.  I need to get ready for winter.  My mind turns to holiday travel.  I feel confused about money, family, and what life is for.

The sky is beginning to light and a mockingbird outside is saying good morning.  There’s a new law in Las Vegas that you can’t feed pigeons.  Warning then thousand dollar fine.  Can you believe that? 

I told Ming we should disguise the pigeons.  He said something about putting little moustaches on them.  My idea was more like spray painting them blue.  Look at the bluebirds.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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