Dangerous Compassions

clean beans

Tried putting me on Ming’s etsy as a shop member but I thought it’d be easy and it’s confusing.

Got some excess guacamole from a facebook friend last night.  I took one bite and could tell it was spoiled.  It was super acidic and sort of bubbly as if carbonated.  Wondered if I would get sick from the one bite, but I feel fine.

Months ago H said we should fix the chairs in the back house because they are so old and breaking.  Everyone ignored him.  But I’m thinking one day I’ll sit down and my chair will fold and I might get hurt.  So we should see if someone can fix them.

Dreamt I was having pencil problems.  Finally Rev Rachel offered me the use of her electric pencil sharpener.  I was happy.  I sharpened some pencils.  “Oh, that one will be double-sided,” I said when I realized I was sharpening the wrong end.

My black-eyed peas were so clean, not a twig or stone or any dust or dirt.  “Where did you get them?” Ming asked. 

“Winco bulk bins,” I said.  “They were cheap.  Well, not super cheap.  Well, maybe.  Considering how many meals you get out of them.” 

I think they were a dollar twenty a pound.  Lentils are less, like 89 cents!

I was too lazy to chop an onion or garlic.  Just put salt, garlic powder, and cayenne.  Very good!  They were boiling just before 8 yesterday morning and done by around 11.  Didn’t soak them overnight.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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