Dangerous Compassions

how the workshop went

I need to make the salad, and sandwiches on little dinner rolls, but Ming has the dishwasher going.  But it won’t take long.  And wash the apples.

My workshop, I thought I was giving it to five or ten self-selected participants, not the whole room of 30 people.  I felt so vulnerable and couldn’t do all I’d planned.

Some things were left behind: Soteria book, signup clipboard, about eight zines.  I thought Ming would get them, when they were cleaning up.

Some people wouldn’t make eye contact, and if I was speaking about something difficult or embarrassing to them.  Mental illness has so much baggage. 

Today my friend will be here at 9.  We’ll pack his car and go to the goddess temple to serve brunch to peace vigilers.  I’m skipping the vigils.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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