Dangerous Compassions


I just wanna stay home and be in my safe little cave, writing and taking care of myself.  I resent having to do anything social.  But I also resent how messy the house is. 

It’s cooling down.  Yesterday we made new Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective fliers with the website urls on them.  They were thirty bucks for 100.

I want to get vegan chicken wings at this place in Summerlin called Wing King.  I’ve never had them.

I feel so angry I’m afraid of hurting the people I love.  Not physically but lashing out.  I need an attitude adjustment.

what I’m angry about–an incomplete list

1.  the house is too messy

2.  a bunch of people are coming to stay with us

3.  I’m still coughing

4.  the world is not set up for me

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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