Dangerous Compassions


I feel overwhelmed by the enormity of life’s requirements.  My to do list feels eternal.  Things pile up.  I’m spread thin with too many responsibilities.

Yesterday we went to Cricket and got a plan with them that will save us $50 a month.  I hope the service is good.

Yesterday I was so mad I couldn’t do the chair yoga because I’m not a senior.  I was fuming.  My friend told me to lie down.  So I did and cried and slept and woke up feeling better.

Apropos to nothing, I read this morning that Malcolm X was bisexual.  I didn’t know.

I was dreaming I found a wad of documents and money on the floor in a post office.  I put them in my armpit then my back pocket.  I was greedy for the money.  The wad was closed with a little snap.

Today I have peace vigil at 9 and nothing else I have to do at any particular time.  Saturday is Pagan Pride.  I feel like I need a good deep rest that’s not going to happen.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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