Dangerous Compassions

jubilation, she loves me again

Gmorning.  Here I find myself at a starbux while Ming does the PBS mental health event.  I couldn’t go because they are playing a movie that looks super disturbing about a lady in an abandoned farmhouse starving to death on apples?  Why would anyone want to see that?

I wanted to boycott starbux for a deal they signed with Nestle–yuck.  Nestle is terrible.  But it can be hard to break a habit.  I’ll improve.

They’re playing Simon and Garfunkle, songs I loved when I was a teenager alone in my bedroom, but they feel different now.

So this afternoon is community dinner and I don’t have to do anything else.  Need rest and quiet.

This starbux is decorated for halloween with fake spiderwebs and I’m like, whatever.  I helped a dressed up lady carry a bunch of drinks to her car.  It’s almost the anniversary of the shooting, and I am cranky about that too.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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hey thanks, Unknown. wow, didn't know abt the GMO coffee. because Ming has narcolepsy he can't drive by himself, so I have to go places with him and often end up at a starbux writing and waiting while he does his thing. but it's bougie of me. I could have been at the Subway instead. yes, will break the habit. thanks agn.

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