Dangerous Compassions

the driveway

Between the three houses and the street, there’s a gravel driveway.  Neighbors park there, and all of us who live here have feelings about it.

Yesterday, Ming and I were going to leave the house on an errand.  A mother with two little children had just parked in our driveway.  They climbed out of their car and walked across the street.

I was so mad.  I was like, “Who would park in another person’s driveway?”  Then when I got into our van, I bumped my head on the doorframe.

H says gang members park in our driveway.  I think he also said he’s seen them doing drugs in our driveway.  So it’s not just being territorial or spiteful–maybe there’s an actual danger here.

Ming got a quote from a fence company, and it would cost them more than a thousand dollars to put in some poles and some chains and some locks.

So R said he would do it.  Then school started.

I’m annoyed that we have to go through all this work and expense to prevent people from doing something they really shouldn’t be doing in the first place.  It’s really not that hard to park on the street.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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