Dangerous Compassions

Guest Blogger thoughts

We are safe in the undisclosed location. Got here last afternoon, rested, then grocery shopped for some essentials for our short stay.

This included getting a Costco pizza, wherein the wait at the new Costco took over 55min. People were lined up at the Food Pickup line area, wondering if they were in the right impromptu line. It was really now more of a check-your-receipt-and-see-how close-you-are-to-receiving-your-pizza line. The worker at the reception end of the line was getting exasperated.

“The wait is now being updated to over an hour.” he said, “They are really falling behind, back there.” he said.

He would check the presented receipt and tell you how much longer your wait would be. Some customers were getting it in their head that they should just continually bug the guy till they received their pizza. Kinda of a squeaky wheel approach. But that meant the line just got more clogged and surly with complaints.

When did this become appropriate behavior, to bug the worker, till service was received ? Is this a sustainable tactic to meet the needs of efficiency and curtesy, I wondered.

Our Hero was waiting in the Short Bus, emailing. She was getting annoyed that my initial communication was that the anticipated wait would be 30min, and that the actual pizza wait was so much longer, when I came back and visited her.

In the now, she just now presented me with a beautiful cherry tomato for the undisclosed location’s small garden. Thank you !

The pizza was delicious, as is the cause of the long wait for the coveted Costco pizza. Our Hero is moving for being a cold-leftover pizza lover to a reheated leftover pizza lover. I blame this small pizzeria, Albo Pizza in Las Vegas for this change as their garlic pizza is the greatest. No long wait there, yet.

I really appreciate blogging here. Though I often don’t read other people’s blogs, I read this one daily. My own blog got bogged down in my overlinking. Maybe I should revisit my blog and blogging ways.

See you later. Thanks for reading.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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