Dangerous Compassions

Current conditions

Guest blogger here.

The Short Bus, our van, is in the repair shop, still. Flex plate issues. We were feeling upset and literally stuck till our community, The Las Vegas Catholic Worker Community helped in loaning us a vehicle. It was terrible to be stuck in the hot and relatively humid climate so the vehicle loan is much appreciated.

It has been hot and tonight thunderstormy. Indeed right now the power is out. The electricity failed at about 8:45pm.

The Perseids Meteor Shower is on right now but I cannot see it, which is unfortunate. I love looking at the stars and it is dark out but there are a Dust Storm Warning and a Severe Thunderstorm Warning on. I can hear the rain and thunder.

Earlier, when the wind was picking up speed we brought the potted tree collard indoors. It was swirling in dust outside.

Once in the house, I went looking for our friend. We talked about it being in the house.

“It will freak out” said our hero.

“It will be only overnight” I said.

I was afraid the strong wind would snap the tree collard stalk or blow away our friend.

I slept for a bit and am now up guest blogging. My sleep is often broken up into one to two hour chunks. Such is the way of narcolepsy.

I just went, iPhone flashlight in hand, looking for our friend, who is still, seemingly somewhat calm on the main stalk. I hope it is alright. What do I know of insect psychology.

“What is that noise ?” our hero wondered. We thought about it and decided.

There are these concrete plaque sculptures which decorate the exterior walls of our little community house. In the wind, they rock on their little hanger and produce a rolling grinding noise.

I recently bought headlamps for us as we had been camping more in the Spring, and obtained replacement Luci lights through a deal because our previous Luci lights melted in the Las Vegas heat. I got the Luci Outdoor Pro 2.0 lights with the USB connections so I feel we have lots of small battery power to ride out the power outage.

Last night I went to a movie with a lecturer friend of ours who helps on Saturdays with the Catholic Worker soupline food scooping. The movie was great and action filled.

Well, that is what is currently going on.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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