Dangerous Compassions

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Here I am again with a bunch of blank space on the computer monitor. I am an eager writer and gladly want guest space here in front of this monitor. Actually it is a screen on a chromebook, so is it a monitor ?

So many live issues I could write about here.

We are currently at the undisclosed location. We took longer to get here this journey, this time staying overnight in Mojave, California. Small windy desert town. Most of the people I saw staying overnight at the motel were road workers working I guess on California roads.

We went to the Steampunk Cafe & Grill last night for dinner. The meal was tasty and great. I love that place.

Here is a current topic for me to write about that you may be interested in. So many journalists come to Nevada Desert Experience for help and assistance on their media projects dealing with nuclear testing and nuclear waste. Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository is an issue that many are exploring and working on.

Last one was from a project A multimedia oral history project examining landscapes of nuclear weapons testing and anti-nuclear activism in the American Southwest. Off Country is a feature film and multimedia project that examines three regions in the west: the former Rocky Flats Plant, the White Sands Missile Range and the Nevada Test Site. Off Country investigates the environmental consequences of the nuclear weapons industry as well as racist and classist policies inherent in the storage, mining, and production of radioactive material. 

Also an East Bay Food Not Bombs friend from long ago wanted some material for her future podcast. She will maybe be in Las Vegas in the Autumn of 2018 for her work.

Today I received another request from a journalist.

I want to help them with their projects so I make time for them. But there is only so much energy and time I can give in my volunteer position as co-Office Manager for NDE.

I feel that we (NDE) often hear how the NNSS (Nevada National Security Site [formerly the Nevada Test Site]) is a relic. So I feel my work with the journalists helps publicize how active the Test Site is.  There was a bunker busting test bombing run that happened at the NNSS that was just confirmed by the DOD. Kilopower is actively using the NNSS.

Plus it is fun.

Another thing I have been doing, I have been listening to podcasts and just heard one by Elizabeth Gilbert about being creative.

That is all for now. Thank you Prime Blogger for the opportunity. I love you !

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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