Dangerous Compassions

jai ma

We housesat and ate the veggie burgers of the people we were housesitting for.  Veggie burgers are good!  I had forgotten.

Last night at the failed pool party I played and sang “Boys Like Me” by Paul Baribeau on uke for A while he was lying on the dog couch half-asleep, and he laughed at the lyrics repeatedly.

We bought some ginger turmeric kombucha at costco today while shopping for the Worker.  Had to buy hamburgers for the Worker and we didn’t get enough first try so I had to run back most of the length of the warehouse to pick up another box of 40 frozen while Ming was in line.  I gave him a look.

Today we go to California for just two nights for the Wah! concert.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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