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Our brief trip to California

Guest Blogger here.

We had a great trip over the past days to Santa Cruz Island off the coast of California. We ventured from Las Vegas, NV, to our friend’s home in Altadena, CA, stayed as guests in his dome room, then traveled to Ventura, CA. There we boarded and traveled on an Island Packers Cruise boat which was very fun for me. I did not get seasick and enjoyed the brisk wind.

The island was wonderful. We visited and toured on the east side of the island. On the walking guided tour we saw Ravens, two Island scrub jays, numerous Island foxes (Urocyon littoralis santacruzae), ground bees, a peregrine falcon, Island fence lizards,

Plants we saw included the rare Dudleya nesiotica, giant kelp,

While on the boat we saw sea lions, whales, dolphins, …

Staying in our friend’s SuperAdobe earth dome was an experience. It was great and fun.

We talked of his two films he has created “Holy Week” and “Making Waves” both benefiting the causes of Nevada Desert Experience and the Golden Rule respectively.

I also talked with his spouse Khadija about her book The New Childcare: Progressive Childcare Philosophy and Practice for Caregivers and how it could help childcare specifically at Intentional Communities like the ones where I have lived, and taken care of the children.

We then traveled into Los Angeles. We went to the Vedanta Temple in Hollywood, where we were witness to an annaprashana ceremony, and to the ISKCon Temple in Los Angeles for their Lunch. We were going to visit and tour the Museum of Jurassic Technology but it got too late in the day.

We got caught in Los Angeles rush hour traffic anyway. A drove the Short Bus the whole distance from Las Vegas to California, and back and did a great job navigating the traffic flow.

We are back safely in Las Vegas now.

Hey regular blogger, Thank you for letting me guest blog for you. I love you !

By Laura-Marie

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