Dangerous Compassions


This morning I woke up sneezing from a weird dream.  Today we have not much to do.  There’s farmers market, if we want, and open mic at Happy Earth Market.  Oh, it’s a friend’s birthday.  I wished her a happy on facebook and with a card I sent a week ago.

Last night I made dinner for Ming and A–basmati rice and Tasty Bites.  A read me a chapter of The Farthest Shore.  It was wild if slightly confusing.  I love that book.

Curious about Druids.  I think they are into ancestor worship, and I’m wondering if you have to be white.  Like if the implication is that you’re worshiping deceased Druids.

Yesterday I talked to J about this roundtable she did while back.  She said as Catholic Workers we have to have a good balance of prayer alone, prayer together, work alone, work together.  I told her it’s a struggle for me because I want to do the things on my own.  Took me a while to learn the value of togetherness.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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