Dangerous Compassions

garlic lover’s pasta

Yesterday we picked up A and stopped by Sprouts for a few foods.  I needed to buy some macaroni for the garlic lover’s pasta I ended up making for dinner at his place.

I never told him the name of the dish.  It’s vegan, the way I make it, with peas and pasta and vegan mayo and lotsa pepper and garlic both dried and fresh.  I added cayenne pepper this time, from A’s garden, and it was so good, with salt.

I first ate the dish in Sacramento, from the co-op, but it was not vegan there, with parmesan and regular eggy mayo.

A ended up reading to me from The Farthest Shore, most of an astounding chapter that was as good as writing gets, for me–I wanted to just stare at the wall, afterward, and remember what it said. 

Ming bought me some fair trade peanut butter M&M-style candy and it’s so good.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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