Dangerous Compassions


Someone broke into our storage unit.  They made a mess and stole a few things.  Ming’s upset about it.  I don’t think they took anything of mine or if so just a few books maybe?  Ming went to the police station to file a report because he has to make an insurance claim.

Yesterday was our anniversary.  We went to Tecopa to the hot springs and to camp in Shoshone.  But we got kicked out of the campground, strangely.  There were too many students, 50 students.  At first they sold us an RV site but then they changed their minds saying it was too many people for their bathrooms.  True, the bathrooms were meager.

Street medic training this weekend.  I will cook.  We will have four houseguests.  Also there’s a radical mental health collective meeting.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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