Dangerous Compassions

things change

Today is the chopping party for Empty Bowl.  Then tomorrow is Empty Bowl, the huge fundraiser that the Las Vegas Catholic Worker has every year.  It’s in Henderson.  Ming and I volunteered for the first shift, I think.  I need to search my email.

Also today is political prisoner letter writing night.  Should be fun.  I have little energy.  I asked a friend to do the infosheet.  He said yes.

I have little energy.  I just want to sleep, but my pinched nerve pain is bothering me.  I had the worst dreams last night.  One was about a shooter.  My first remembered shooter dream, really.  We were on a boat, hundreds of us, and then the shooter was coming through…

Last night we went to sushi with a friend.  I ate veggie tempura and eggplant fries and a veggie roll.  Oh and matcha ice cream.  Everything was great.

I feel like I can’t go on–then I get this super cute video my friend sent me of his cat purring and things change.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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