Dangerous Compassions

Doings of today and of last week

Guest Blogger here …

We are at the undisclosed location. Busyness and work has followed us to the Coast.

Doings of today: I received an email about whether I had competed a task of adding more email addresses that were gathered at the last Pacific Life Community gathering to the PLC listserv. I am the admin of that email list and had not, so did so while waiting for a rear brake remove and replace job on The Short Bus. We were down to 2mm on the brake pads along with warped rotors.

Two of ten wheel studs broke off, that when combined with the broken off wheel stud of last week, means I should seek redress with the Jiffy Lube that did a “free” wheel rotation with an oil change on The Short Bus.

Also in the news, I am co-teaching a Las Vegas Street Medic course in two weeks and am late night studying up on what I am going to convey to the participants. My dream of a three fold Street Medic trained training is being realized; urgent first aid for those in need at protests and demonstrations, chronic medical care for the very impoverished, and deescelation training for helping those in heightened emotional crisis.

We finally got a website which has some relevant content, so I am happy.

Of last week: The Sacred Peace Walk went good. The Council Meeting which followed the big event went well though I got narcoleptic tired toward the end of the long meeting. No surprise there. There were five of us, and the Event Coordinator who gratefully accepted another year work contract at the conclusion of the meeting. We are working on getting an Intern and an Event Assistant, of which I am happy.

I received a certificate of completion from Project Sleep’s Rising Voices of Narcolepsy writing class to effectively write about narcolepsy. It came with a tee shirt and a rubbery wrist band “You Are Not Alone”.

What more can I say ? Maybe I should write about volunteering at the local Catholic Worker on Tuesday, as a regular worker for that house whom I know, was in on the Kings Bay Plowshares action.

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