Dangerous Compassions

31 today

Last night we went to our favorite pupusaria to have dinner with A when he got off work.  It’s almost his birthday.  I gave him his present–a book called Birds Nobody Loves, about vultures and grackles, and a card.  The card has a mix cd in it.

A will be 31, and there’s an Aimee Mann song “31 Today” that I thought it would be cool for him to listen to on his birthday, which is partly why I made the cd.

The waitress forgot to bring my rice.  But my pupusas were good.  Ming had two pupusas and a Mexican Coke.  A had three carne asada tacos, a chicken tamale, and a pupusa.  The waitress made a joke about all the food being for him.

So tomorrow we go on our trip.  Today I see my pysch nurse.  Also we do some car things.  We are trying to get our stereo fixed and something about a lug nut.

If you were here, I would play you “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” on my uke and sing it to you.  Maybe I should ask Ming to take a video so I can post it.  I never put a video on youtube.

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