Dangerous Compassions

if my heart has strings

Well.  I think my lips are still sunburnt–they feel weird.  And I need to do all sorts of things, cleaning up after the Sacred Peace Walk and all the regular stuff that fell by the wayside during the craziness of the event.  The craziness of the Laura-Marie. 

Ming and I had some conflict like every year during the Walk but it was minor.  I think it’s over.  We took two Walkers to the airport at 4 this morning.  Three walkers remain, two of whom are on the NDE council, so they’ll stay through the council meeting Monday.

This morning I served the hungry with Catholic Worker.  I had a weird time.  There was a guy who was seriously out of it.  I tried to help him.  He pulled at my heartstrings.  If my heart has strings.  He would ask for a cup when he already had one.  He asked for shelter.  “I don’t have any shelter,” I said.  “But I have iced tea…?”

I need to sort through the leftover Walk food and make room and throw away the bad stuff and figure out what to do with the good.  Some is going to the Worker.  Like the excess lentil soup from last night’s donated dinner.  I think it’s very nutritious soup.  Lots of veg.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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