Dangerous Compassions

healthy Laura-Marie

Yesterday was Ming’s birthday.  We bought a chocolate cake from Costco.  We bought $109 of pupusas.  We bought some strawberries!  We took all that and more out to Peace Camp and had a nice dinner with the Walkers.

But it was too much for me.  I am beat.  I’m taking it easy today.  I’m not going out to the Walk.  But there is a dinner tonight here that I can’t really avoid.

By not going out today I am missing the sunrise ceremony, the Stations of the Cross, the line crossing at the Test Site, and lunch.  And the closing ceremony.  Sounded like R on the phone this morning didn’t want me to miss all that.  But we need a healthy Laura-Marie.

Tomorrow morning we have a 4am airport drop off.  Someone’s listening to Norteno music next door really loud.  I had a nice breakfast.

Nobody got sick, no calamities besides lots of blisters.  It was a good Sacred Peace Walk.  Next up: board meeting on Monday.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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