Dangerous Compassions


Well, yesterday was so wild I can’t remember it.  I remember a few moments.  We went out to the walkers with lunch.  We delivered the foods.  Ming and I did our Sanskrit prayer.  Someone asked us to do it a second time.  True, it’s pretty.

Then what?  We hung out.  The walkers circled.  Then they left to vigil at Creech Air Force Base.  Was I going to stand out in the sun for an hr and a half?  No.  So A ate an ambitious sandwich and read me the first chapter of the third Earthsea book.  Loved it.

Then we drove to A’s house to pick up three carpets and his massage chair to deliver them to a quilt show.  We met A’s mom, and she gave us a tour of the quilts.  They were amazing.  It was my second quilt show.  It’s in Henderson.

Then we went to Big 5 where A shopped for shoes.  I was hungry, tired, had a headache, and needed to pee.  He asked me for shoe advice.  I got tireder.

Then we went to Thai food.  I ate tons of noodles.  The guys had curry.

Then we dropped off A with goodbyes knowing we might not see him for a little while.  He’ll be massaging at the quilt show.

Lots of phone calls and logisticating during all that.  D was released from jail.  Then R.  Snacks are needed and our personal supply was raided with our permission.

Then at home S was here, arrived from Utah.  Ming asked if he could get a ride with her this morning out to the walkers.  She said yes.  So we went to bed and moments later (it felt like) it was morning and they needed to pack lunch stuff into the coolers and go.

I wished Ming a happy birthday early.  The needle that had been on my desk for several days is gone.  I’m afraid someone knocked it onto the floor.

I’m taking the morning off so I better rest and get recharged somewhat before going out to the walk this evening with pupusas and cake.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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