Dangerous Compassions

Sacred Peace Walk: hazards

So many things happened today.  Sacred Peace Walk is like a dust devil.  A whirlwind.  A strange mix of fun and stress.  We know how to do it at this point, no longer reinventing the wheel.  But I got taxed at lunchtime being social.  I was handing out paper plates to the walkers, the eaters.

Well, first we picked up A.  We waited at least half an hour for him to finish getting ready.  I was afraid T was getting fed up waiting for him.  But it turns out she was fine.

Well, before then Ming prepped a bunch of veg.  We found things, washed things.  I peeled cucumbers.  Ming sliced.

And Ming had hardboiled eggs, and we brought just about the right amount.  Food is amazing. 

I bumped a thornbush and got a sticker in my shoe that pokes me sometimes.  I need to dig that out.  The desert has its hazards.

“I hope you’re having too much fun to reply to my txt,” I txted A.  He is a peace walker now.

The Catholic Worker needs tables to set out dinner.  We always forget that part.  So the lunch tables are out waiting for dinner.

Well, I’m delirious.  S needs these Japanese pain pads made with hot peppers and I found some at Walmart.  He slipped me a $20.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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