Dangerous Compassions

lentil soup, rice, salad

This morning I served the hungry.  A lady changed her shirt in front of everyone.  She was topless for a while.  No one made a big deal about it.

Also a guy had a baseball bat and was hitting rocks.  He’d throw a rock up in the air and hit it like a ball.  He was great at it.

The wind made my eyes cold. 

Then we washed dishes and had a meeting.  Then Ming and I went to Walmart where I shopped for the last of the Sacred Peace Walk groceries.  I’m done now.  Well, we’ll need to replenish in a couple days.

So next up I need to prep veg.  Wash and cut celery, wash and cut broccoli, wash snap peas, peel and slice cukes… 

Tomorrow morning I’ll make lentil soup for lunch for their first day walking.  Rice.  Salad.

So yesterday was hard.  I needed support.  I got some.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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