Dangerous Compassions


This morning I went to the dentist where I found out I have no cavities.  But the cleaning I received has my mouth feeling raw and tender.  It was brutal.  Cried on the drive home, feeling dysfunctional.  Kind of want to go to bed and sleep a few more hours.

But I’m up, listening to Deep Forest, feeling the tenderness of my gums.  Ming is loading the dishwasher.

Friends are coming over at 2 for tea.  It might rain.

Last night the party was strange.  I didn’t feel strong enough to mingle.  Ming mingled.  A made origami and pet the cats, talked to the chickens.  I sat with him on the couch and felt hungry.  There were party snax.

But we went to a nice 24 hr Mexican joint for dinner around 10 pm.  We dropped off A at his apartment where he tended to dogs.

I need to clean out the fridges in anticipation of all the food that will soon be here for the Sacred Peace Walk.  I need to do some planning too.  Call all the cooks.  Clean my desk.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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