Dangerous Compassions

Shivaratri report

We were at Shivaratri from midnight to 7.  So we didn’t sleep all night.  It was beautiful but I kind of started going crazy at the homa fire when we were chanting a Shiva mantra 108 times.  I was on a chair and it was physically difficult to get the herbs into the fire at all 108 “svaha”s.

We met some nice people, especially a lady who saved my ass by offering me some of the milky drink when I was thirsty and needed energy.  It was delicious too, and we have some in the fridge.

Then we dropped off A at home so he could tend to his dogs.  I had therapy.

Then Ming had a dentist appointment.  Then we went to lunch not registering that it was Valentine’s Day, but that was okay.  I had baba ganoush and labneh with pita bread.  It was $8 and I was glad.

Wrote a poem, took a nap.  Today is peace vigil at 9 and we’re seeing our friend T for lunch at 11.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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