Dangerous Compassions


The sermon went great.  Then in the afternoon we had two meetings. 

Afterward we went to A’s.  He baked bread, made us ginger tea.  The bread was so good.  It had sun dried tomatoes and a lot of garlic in it.  He read to me.  We’re almost done with A Wizard of Earthsea.  I got what I needed.

A and I had been arguing over txt in the afternoon so it was nice we didn’t let it get us down.  He believes you shouldn’t do things you don’t feel like doing.  I believe movie night wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t shown up, and you have to do the things you say you’ll do unless you’re dying.

Trader Joe’s instant oatmeal packets have little bits of seeds and stuff in them and it’s really nice.  I bought them to combine with the sugary kind so it’s not as much sugar.

If you’d like to watch the sermon complete with Vera Anderson’s song, I think this link will work.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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