Dangerous Compassions


Yesterday Ming had two doctor’s appointments and saw the new Star Wars movie.  Bleh. 

Then at night we had a meeting for the UU sermon we’re giving on Sunday.  I was late because I was sleeping.  R woke me up with a phonecall.  Ming was late because the movie got out late.

Today’s community lunch.  Then we have a 4:30 meeting to talk about deescalation trainings.

One of my crowns fell off.  I’m worried it’s rotten underneath.  I see the dentist tomorrow morning.  Ask me how I feel about that!  I can’t afford another crown so maybe if it’s rotten underneath I’ll just get it pulled?  But they say if you do that the tooth opposite drifts.

I told my friend A it’s okay if I get old.  He says I’ve been getting younger.  He thinks it’s possible to youngen.  I think getting old is valid.

Also in the news, I forgot to buy nutritional yeast at the store.  Facebook makes me feel like crap less than it used to.  Ming’s cute.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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