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Guest Blogger: Downwinder Day event success

Today was the Nevada Desert Experience’s Downwinder Day event. It was a successful event in that attention was brought onto the downwinders of the Nevada Test Site. It was a success as there were no injuries incurred from today’s event.

The small group of 17 event participants lead to the arrest of five people after committing the civil disobedience of crossing the line onto the Nevada Test Site. As is the custom and tradition, the civil disobedience committers were issued a citation to appear and were given instructions to wait for the Nye County court to initiate connection. The deputies both said they would be surprised if the court ever initiates the connection as the Nye County court system is impoverished and can’t prosecute this offence. But this situation could change at any time.

Earlier this week I had been working on an informational sheet and a press release to distribute, leading to the edification of the event participants as to the issues surrounding downwinders. I am happy with the results of those labors. I was stressing about the creation of those informational documents till our hero helped in the editing. Thank you !

Our NDE Event Coordinator took some lead in today’s event presentation and we had smudging preformed by a local supporter. The event went smoothly even though the special Episcopal guests, a bishop and a priest, did not arrive.

The event production of this first Downwinder Day event fell into my lap as the prime event originators each fell from the event due to car accident, over scheduling, and illness. But it had been already widely publicized. So I felt the event must be produced. I am happy I persisted.

I am happy and tired. Good night !

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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