Dangerous Compassions

a joke

Yesterday Ming and I got arrested in civil disobedience at the Test Site.  We were the first to cross the line, holding hands.  It was fun.  And there’s nothing like the desert silence in the pen. 

I was the only woman, so I was alone in the women’s pen.  Afterward our friend said I had survived solitary, a joke.  I am not so comfortable with jokes about solitary confinement.  But I laughed anyway.

Then we went to the goddess temple.  I got to sing in the temple a little bit tho I forgot my songbook.  Maybe I should leave a copy of my two favorite songs in the car.

Then we went to pupusas with A.  Then at his place he read to me for most of a chapter and we drank tea with fresh ginger.  It was a beautiful night to end a beautiful day.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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