Dangerous Compassions

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We are here in the undisclosed location. We survived and thrived at the Christmas party last night. Tamales were had and enjoyed.

I are going to the local yoga studio for “Ahimsa yoga” today.

I received as a gift yesterday a handwritten certificate for a free dinner, for which I am happy. I think that dinner is scheduled for tonight.

Been busy doing laundry, washing up dishes, mundane but supportive household tasks. Been trying to watch I Am Not Your Negro on Hoopla, learn some HTML, …

This trip I did succeed in finishing watched the library DVD of Elysium, learned some origami, got an Origami calender from the Solvang foray the other day.

The Space X launch of the Falcon 9 (that I missed seeing on Friday), was the talk of the party last night.

Guest blogger out.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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