Dangerous Compassions

Vandenberg AFB, Space X launches, and Guest Blogger blogging.

The nicest spousey in the world has invited me to Guest Blog.

We are safely arrived at the undisclosed location for the “holidays”. We got here yesterday at 4:12pm. We have a day of small tasks aligned up for us today. Some grocery shopping and the like.

There is a launch from Vandenberg AFB going off today at 5:27pm but I am not sure how I feel about Iridium satellites and Space X Falcon flights. Is what Space X doing go against

 RESISTANCE TO MISSILE TESTING, SPACE-BASED WEAPONS, DRONES, AND THE U.S. WAR MACHINE” ? Will there be a demonstration today against the flight ?

In anycase I attempted to contact the Catholic Workers of Guadelupe to see if they would be needing general support, or not, this week.

More later. Guest Blogger out.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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