Dangerous Compassions


This morning Ming came to bed for morning cuddle and we dozed.  Then we got up and went to the Worker to serve.  I helped with dishes.

Then we went to Creech to vigil.  Creech is the air force base.  Two cops stopped by to talk to us / assess us.

Then we went to the goddess temple for tea with the priestess.  It was nice.  She’d made gingerbread.  I had Thanksgiving tea.

Then we ran errands.  I needed to buy some ingredients for a lunch I’m cooking up tomorrow: bell pepper, soyrizo, greens, a can of beans.

Ming got coffee at Madhouse.  I got peach iced tea.  The art was colorful.

Anyway, tonight’s political prisoner letter writing night.  We need to leave here in about two hours.  Wish us luck.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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