Dangerous Compassions

how I’m so calm

Last night was chaotic.  We picked someone up who was stranded.  She was wild.  It was a favor for a friend.

Then this wild person wanted to go to radical mental health collective.  So yeah.  It was chaotic.  But she brought pizza…?

Today there’s supposed to be a hike.  We’ll see if she comes.  We’re supposed to know in a little while.

I was up late and then up in the night.  My sleeping is a little off.

They wanted to know how I’m so calm.  My friend A said I have presence, something  in common with Amma.  But he’s never seen Amma, so I don’t know how he knows.

I decided I’m calm because I arrange my life to be as low-stress as possible.  It’s careful orchestration. 

Ming had other ideas.  He says I don’t need to be all over the place because I’m not hurting for attention or someone to listen to me.  I write letters, blog, talk one-on-one with people, have Ming…

Well, Sunday blessings.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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