Dangerous Compassions

beautiful night

Last night we picked up A and his roommate.  They were not ready.  A had to let his dogs pee, clean up a mess…  The roommate and I talked while he smoked two cigarettes.

I brought their household some food from J’s pantry.  There were two types of pancake mix, apple juice, some blueberry muffin mix, a box of mac & cheese, sweet potato soup…

Then we went to Haven Craft for D’s art opening.  She does art with skulls.  She was not there.  We brought her flowers and a card we’d all signed.

It was First Friday.  So we went around, waiting for D to show up at 8.  I got overloaded quickly.  I oscillated between overloaded and really overloaded.

A massaged me in front of a food truck while Ming waited for some vegan wurst.  A and Ming shared the wurst, and A fed me a bite.  They broke bread.  It was sacred.

A bought things: honey stix, a sage bundle, a hotdog.  By the hotdog stand some weird guy talked to us for a while.  He was from San Diego and talked about how great Vegas is.

Then we went back to Haven Craft and it was swarming with people.  Finally D showed up.  She was moved to receive the flowers and card.  The flowers were red gerber daisies.  We had some good hugs.

Then I got overloadeder and Ming and I left.  But the other guys were still in there.  I stood outside quietly singing to myself, a Durga song, my favorite.

Then A and roommate passed by while M was going to the car for meds.  I caught up with them, and they were surprised I came out of nowhere.

Then we went to Cheesecake Factory.  I had been wanting to go for a long time, maybe a year.  I got some Early Grey tea.  The guys got coffee.  I ate an omelette that really wasn’t all that good.  I gave all my toast to A.

I got a piece of low carb cheesecake to go.  I just finished it for breakfast.

A drove us to his place.  We said our goodbyes.  It was a beautiful night.  We didn’t get home till midnight.  We went straight to bed.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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