Dangerous Compassions

happy birthday!

This morning I was up around 5 and served the hungry.  Then I called my mom.  It’s her birthday! 

Then we had a long visioning meeting.  Then we went to pupusas.  It was fun.  Some spoke of God.  R tried to get me to understand some geometry.

Last night I talked to my friend A on the phone for two hours and eleven minutes.  It was my longest phonecall of recent memory.  Most people I get full on exhausted after 40 minutes.

We talked about his ex girlfriends, the need for validation, collaboration, the body healing itself, peace through peaceful behavior of the individual, personal responsibility, his roommate, his other roommate, laundry, books, weed, his dogs.  I read him a poem.

Tonight we’re seeing him and one of his roommates.  We’re going to our friend D’s art opening at Haven Craft.  Then dinner.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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