Dangerous Compassions

cray cray

I’m up in the night, which I like.  I like to get up and write.  Tonight I posted a facebook event as well.  I like facebook for inviting people to stuff.  Otherwise it kind of drives me cray cray.

What fun will today bring?  There’s a peace vigil in the morning.  I see my therapist at 11.  A friend might come over.  Ming has a wilderness first aid class.  We have to finish preparing the holiday appeal.

Last night we had dinner at Vege-Way, which is vegan fast food.  On the wall it says Let Food Be Thy Medicine and I’m like, yeah right.  Like deep fried fake meat is medicine!  But it sure is tasty.  Ming got some spicy “chicken” nuggets which are new on the menu.  I tried two–yummy.

Chef Kenny was walking around talking to customers.  He gave us some onion rings, which will be on the menu soon.

We were there with Peacemaker Boy.  He got a vegan vanilla shake.

Well, that’s the news around here.  This is what I’m listening to.  Best song is “Moment of Our Future.”

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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