Dangerous Compassions

naming cats

I learned that the very large orange cat with matted fur is called Catastrophe.  The above cat had no known name, so I decided to name her Midas Myth / Milagro.

Her name came from a list of nuclear bombs.  I read through the list and this name struck me as an extra good cat name.  There’s a legend that once a cat is named for every nuclear bomb that has been detonated, the nuclear age will come to an end.

Also, it’s a way to reclaim the names and wash them of their nasty meaning and return them to their good meaning.

Earlier our houseguest and I named the cat formerly known as White Cat a new name: Project 56 No. 1.  I still need to get a photo of her.  She’s the most skittish of all our cats, so I predict it may not be easy.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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