Dangerous Compassions

Gandhi movie, patience oats, the Devil’s Pause

Ming proofread the visioning meeting notes I typed up.  We fixed a few things.  Then I submitted them to the group.

Pagan Pride was ok.  R said he would come at 3 to help and never showed or txted / called.  He’s going through his own stuff.

Yesterday I txted with my friend M for a couple hours.  Felt good to connect with him like that.  We talked about his deep dark stuff.

Today I get to rest a lot.  Ming’s going to a Gandhi movie.  I have nothing on my agenda.  I’m cooking up the steel cut oats that take half an hour–they were given to me.

I wanted to tell you–when you’re at a red light waiting and the light turns green and cars pass through the intersection and then the light turns yellow and red and you didn’t get to go–when you have to wait through a fruitless cycle–that’s called the Devil’s Pause.  We’ve been calling it that and it’s fun to have a name for it.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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