Dangerous Compassions

amaranth greens

Ming went to Gilcrease Farms with a friend.  He got some good treats like fresh pear cider, sweet potatoes, amaranth greens, and about ten pears.  Some of the pears look like quinces, though.  I wonder what they really are.  I’m not hungry or I’d try a bite.

I did a very good thing.  I dusted this shelf that has all kind of little things on it.  And I moved some of the stupid things away to other parts of the house.  I was tired of them.  We didn’t put them there–they came with the house.

This morning Ming served the hungry and went to get his blood drawn.  I tried to dance and didn’t have much motion in my ocean.  But I dusted.  Now it’s 8 and I can sing.

Love you all.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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