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new day

I woke up early (4:19 am) after staying up late.  I did a bunch more facebook promotion of events, last night.

The Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective meeting #5 was fantastic.  There were nine of us.  Only problem was, I was the only woman.  Kinda weird imbalance.

I announced I’m bad at organizing, but am I really so bad?  People are showing up.  I am a good event promoter on facebook.  I’ve got agendas written, and my facilitation might be leaden, but at least I try.  Maybe I’ll get better.  I shouldn’t announce bad things about myself.

I got to see my good friend last night–lotsa hugs, and he’s coming over for dinner tonight along with our friend D.  We have a lot of good feelings with D but this will be our first time hanging out socially.  So that’s exciting.

I think I’ll make arroz con gandules as well as spinach with garlic.  The arroz recipe makes a big pot of food so that’ll be nice.

I need to hop back on the sugar wagon (I fell off the wagon).  Mom made me birthday cookies.  I ate too many of them.  Every day is a new day.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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