Dangerous Compassions


You know, toast is good.  Why not live on it?  Oh wait, I think there’s a verse about this.  “Man doesn’t live on toast alone, but on the butter as well.”

Things are messy here, messier than usual.  But this morning I was up early.  We served and had a meeting.  The meeting was fantastic.

Lots of little kids from San Gabriel were there.  I said hi to the Artist and another nice man.  The Artist seemed more serious and older today.  I told him we had been in California with Mom.

I got some hugs and it was a good morning.  I did some promotion on facebook.  I photographed my Soteria book and posted about it.

here is the Soteria book I am so excited about. Soteria was an experimental project in the 1980s created as an alternative to psychiatric hospitalization. in a home-like setting, people experiencing crisis were treated with respect and compassion and patience, mostly without drugs (as opposed to the experiment’s control group in a conventional psych ward, where everyone was treated with drugs). I am 107 pages in and feel inspired by what these people did. I have a dream that we can do something similar here in Las Vegas. let’s talk about it at tonight’s meeting! see you there!

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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