Dangerous Compassions


Now’s the time to clean up, organize, throw things away, and pack the rest.  Now’s the time to do a final load of laundry and come to some conclusions as we end our relocation and return to Vegas tomorrow.

Just like “It’s only a good parking space if you get back and your car’s still there,” it’s only a good relocation if you get home and everything’s ok.  So we will get home tomorrow and see.  We can deal with mice, cockroaches, some basmati rice gone bad.  It was given to us, and it was too much.  Shoulda regifted it to Food Not Bombs.

As for this end, it was good to see Mom a lot.  It was good to do yoga and pick up the uke.  We had some nice dance parties.  A few delicious meals.  Good summer fruit.  I wrote some fantastic letters.  But those are gifts.  The pleasure is in the writing of them–then they are sent away.

I miss my community.  It will be wildly excellent to see them often again.  I feel strengthened and well.  I have things to give.

Ming has an appt to get the brakes and rotors done in an hour.  Then tomorrow we’re on our way.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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