Dangerous Compassions

favorite narcolepsy story

I read this fascinating article about this guy who analyses google searches to learn things about United Statesians.  The most surprising thing he’s found is people googling how to induce abortions in places where it’s hard to get an abortion.  I find this very sad because I don’t think people should have to do that.  I wish everyone who needs one could get a safe abortion.

But I guess that’s a controversial thing.  But I wish women’s health was a given.

I danced to my favorite cd to dance to: The Tourist by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.  I found out about this band via an former friend’s ex-girlfriend.  I’m so glad I did, because they’re one of my favorite bands.  They suit me.

Ming and I went to a house show by the main guy in Berkeley.  Ming was yawning, and I was embarrassed, which is one of my favorite narcolepsy stories.

Can’t you see me sitting there, burning with embarrassment?  We were seated closest to the musician.  Everyone could see him.  Oh, my mortification.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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