Dangerous Compassions

dancing and advancing

Survived yesterday.  Saw Swami, had a brunch party, went to the Bay Area to see Ming’s mom and older son.  Walked.  I got really tired on the drive home to Sacramento.  I slept fitfully with bad dreams.

How are you, anyway?  I hope you’re finding what you need.

The cats we’re catsitting are being good.  I need to clean litter boxes.  I also need breakfast.  Those two things don’t go together!

A good Las Vegas friend is having problems and it’s affecting me poorly.  She tells me her troubles and they’re huge.  She has her car parked at our house right now.  She told me (I got the message this morning) that she’s seeking professional help.  I hope she finds a good therapist right away.  It can happen.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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