Dangerous Compassions

am I a hippie?

We are in Sacramento now.  We have lots of fun planned.

Mom and Ming and I were talking about whether Ming’s a hippie.

Long hair?  Check.

Tree hugger?  Check.

Peace activist?  Check.

Kind and sensitive and loving?  Check, check, check.

I said the only thing is he missing doing drugs.

“That’s a good thing,” Mom said.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t put up with that shit,” I said.

“It’s amazing, the things you put up with when you’re in love,” Mom said.

Well, I share with Ming the hippie characteristics.  So am I a hippie? I don’t think I look the part.  But is looking the part important?

Also we used to brew our own kombucha, make our own sauerkraut, and make our own yogurt.  Maybe we really are hippies.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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