Dangerous Compassions


This morning was adventurey.  Ming transferred funds and we headed out to CCDC to pay King Ron’s bail.  On the way I got a txt from G that King Ron was home and could we come pick him up sometime.

So we changed our route and went to G’s house and talked to King Ron on his porch while he smoked a cigarette.

Then we took him to our house and I made coffee and peeled hardboiled eggs for him.  He talked a lot about his time in jail.  He did really well and wasn’t beaten, which was my fear.

Then we went out to Camp Justice.  I took a walk down a desert road.  People talked in a circle, but I didn’t really join them.

Then we went to the goddess temple where something funny happened.  Two friends arrived who didn’t expect to see me sitting there.  They thought I was an apparition or hologram or dream.  R told me to pinch myself, which I did.  I was not sleeping.

Then we went back to Camp Justice and said goodbye to some friends.

Then we came home.  King Ron talked nonstop in the car.  I will miss him.  We’ve been seeing a lot of him, event season.  Then he went home and I went to bed and napped for a couple hours.

Then we went to Jackie Bee for dinner and Trader Joe’s for groceries.  Now the day’s almost over, and I want to feel peace.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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